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Spectre Exploit Technical Analysis

CVE-2017-5753, commonly known as Spectre, is a side-channel attack which exploits the speculative execution processes performed by modern CPU’s.  So what do these terms mean? Side-channel attacks A side-channel attack is an attack based on information gained from the actual implementation of a computer system, rather than weaknesses in an

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How AI Can Automate Cyber Threat Intel (CTI)

59% of companies report being at cybersecurity risk because of staff shortages. This means that cybersecurity departments and cyber analysts are under continual pressure. So how do we achieve more with what we have? The short answer is with automation  By automating regular and repetitive tasks, not only can you

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Elemendar Analysis of the SUNBURST Attack

The SolarWinds supply chain attack, named SUNBURST by FireEye and Solorigate by Microsoft, has affected a large number of companies such as FireEye, Google, and Microsoft. The attack involved an APT group which compromised an update server for the SolarWinds Orion product line, inserting a malicious backdoor.  As our contribution

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Elemendar News 17 – Investment Raised!

We've raised! Despite 2020's challenges, we are thrilled to announce that we have closed our first institutional funding round, led by Newable Ventures, at £680,000 (over $0.9m). It’s a privilege to receive this vote of confidence and secure the resources to bring our technology to more customers and help to make us all safer. Our

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