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About Tristan Palmer

Tristan Palmer is the Head of Growth and Chief Marketing Officer here at Elemendar. His expertise range from commercial founder / MD / SD / Senior business builder with 25+ years building tech and digital startups and projects. Cyber Security, B2B, SaaS, Data analytics, AI, M2M IoT, IoE, Blockchain. Tristan is highly skilled in Business Development - BD - Sales - Marketing & Comms for revenue generation. Achievements include £15 million+ in revenues as founder and MD of a B2B SaaS Internet services company. The company posted profits in every trading year. Interests: AI, XAI, IoT, Fintech, data, SaaS, M2M, B2B, data science, predictive analytics, infra, email, mobile, and messaging, cyber security, intrinsic value and building successful start-ups and scale-ups.

The Parisienne Cyber Scene

Elemendar Visits Paris. What Did We Learn? I was lucky enough to represent Elemendar on a cybersecurity trade mission to the Paris region of France. We were kindly taken there by the London Mayors Office along with six other UK founded, growing cybersecurity companies. If you are interested in

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Elemendar Announces Head of CTI Hire

London, UK - January 6th 2022 Elemendar is the world leader in developing AI (Machine Learning) to process human-authored cyber threat intelligence into machine-readable, actionable data to enable cyber analysts to better protect their organisations against cyber threats. Elemendar’s technology is used by Governments, national and international law enforcement agencies,

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AI, Machine Learning & Elemendar’s NEW Launch

Episode 1 AI, Machine Learning & Elemendar’s NEW Launch Featuring CEO and Co-Founder Giorgos Georgopoulos

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Mitre ATT&CK Framework Update

It is time for another blog post, this time looking at the recent update to the Mitre ATT&CK framework.  The Mitre ATT&CK framework version 9 was released on 29th April, which contained many additional techniques and sub-techniques. As Elemendar’s READ product uses Mitre ATT&CK to extract attack patterns from CTI

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STIX2.1 Update Overview

Firstly, this is a picture of my much-loved tortoise Bob. We have another named Terabyte, but she doesn’t like the camera. And of course, we have a bundle of sticks. I couldn’t find a picture of sticks that I liked, so I took this one, with Bob. At Elemendar, we

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Spectre Exploit Technical Analysis

CVE-2017-5753, commonly known as Spectre, is a side-channel attack which exploits the speculative execution processes performed by modern CPU’s.  So what do these terms mean? Side-channel attacks A side-channel attack is an attack based on information gained from the actual implementation of a computer system, rather than weaknesses in an

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