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Renee Griffiths is Digital Marketing Manager at Elemendar. With a background of commercial property, Renee has experience in building and maintaining business relationships alongside the importance of brand values and online presence. Renee manages Elemendar's social media platforms and content creation.

Elemendar News 30

Elemendar have a few exciting updates and developments to share with you in our Elemendar News 30 Edition!  Product Updates  Our CTI team have continued to successfully demonstrate the effectiveness and usability of READ. in the ‘Intelligence Cycle’. Watch our Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence, Stewart Bertram showcase the capabilities

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Elemendar News 29

Elemendar has had a fantastic start to the New Year with both product advancements and significant client deals. With the first quarter of the year underway, many of you will be budgeting and forecasting for the year of 2023. If you would like to learn more about how READ. could

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Elemendar News 28

The Elemendar Team hope you've had a fantastic start to the New Year! Have a read of our latest news and product updates below... Exciting Product Updates! We have continued to roll out some exciting new product changes within our flagship tool READ. with the most significant one being how tables are

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Elemendar News 27

This autumn/fall, the Elemendar team have been sharing the summer advancements made in READ. far and wide, from our clients on three continents to events in Brussels and Singapore.  Elemendar in Top 20 European Scaleups!  Elemendar was shortlisted by EIT Digital as one the Top 20 European Scaleups! The EIT

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Elemendar News 26

The Elemendar team is saddened by the passing of Queen Elizabeth ll; our thoughts are with those who also mourn. Product Updates Full STIX 2.1 support - Recently we introduced STIX 2.1 capabilities into READ. going beyond elevation to support more ways of  defining objects and relationships between objects. This

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Elemendar News 25

We hope you are enjoying summer and staying safe wherever you may be. With in-person events reopening, the Elemendar team have been busy travelling and even met many of you these past couple of months. Here’s to that continuing!  Product Updates  Elemendar’s CTO Syra Marshall Speaks at Defence Disrupted Conference

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Elemendar News 24

It’s been another busy month at Elemendar helping defence teams read, process and act on Cyber Threat Intelligence to protect us and their organisations from harm.   Whilst we recognise that we are all doing important work, we’d also ask that you don’t let Ukraine fall from your mind. You can

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NEW READ. AI for CTI Analysis Walkthrough!

Watch this video of Elemendar's Head of Cyber Threat Intelligence Stewart K. Bertram using our READ. application analysing a CTI report on ‘Chinese APT’. Stewart explains NEW and updated features! READ. uses AI to process human-authored, Cyber Threat Intelligence reports, translating them into machine actionable data (STIX & MITRE ATT&CK)

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