About Stewart Bertram

Stewart Bertram is Head of Cyber Threat intelligence here at Elemendar. With more than 15 years experience in intelligence and security, Stewart ensures that our AI maintains superior capabilities in understanding CTI. Stewart’s experience within the Cyber Threat community spans both across the private and public sector. Highlights include involvement in leading some of the early threat led penetration testing projects under the UK’s CBEST, Netherland’s TIBER and Hong Kong’s iCAST programs. Similarly, developing one of the first online training courses for CREST accredited CTI qualifications and building and running a number of enterprise level CTI teams.

Where Does AI Driven CTI Fit Within “Shields Up?”

“Shields Up” is a current initiative that was launched by the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency's (CISA) earlier this year. With the aim to protect the US and organisations from cyber threats spilling over amid the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine, despite some confused assessment, the Russia/Ukraine conflict has proved

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How Sure Is Not Sure Enough?

Elemendar’s READ. platform uses proprietary Machine Learning (ML) technology to extract entities in STIX and MITRE ATT&CK formats from unstructured text (check out this blog for more details). In plain terms, we teach machines to replicate a very specific human task: mapping text strings to more abstract categories such as

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