About Stewart Bertram

Stewart Bertram is Head of Cyber Threat intelligence here at Elemendar. With more than 15 years experience in intelligence and security, Stewart ensures that our AI maintains superior capabilities in understanding CTI. Stewart’s experience within the Cyber Threat community spans both across the private and public sector. Highlights include involvement in leading some of the early threat led penetration testing projects under the UK’s CBEST, Netherland’s TIBER and Hong Kong’s iCAST programs. Similarly, developing one of the first online training courses for CREST accredited CTI qualifications and building and running a number of enterprise level CTI teams.

Traffic Light Protocol is Green for Go!

Elemendar's AI-based READ. technology assists cyber analysts in processing cyber threat intelligence (CTI) into machine-readable, structured, defensive code, enabling them to faster defend organisations against new and complex cyber threats. READ. now allows users to apply TLP tagging (Traffic Light Protocol) at the entity level. So what does this mean?

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