Elemendar Monthly News Mail 6 – AI For CTI Oct / Nov 19

A short reminder: Our AI for Cyber Threat Intelligence engine ‘reads’ and translates unstructured text CTI feeds (from web, docs, PDFs etc) into machine readable and actionable data (STIX2) saving significant time and money and better protecting you from threats. Try our demo here. Giorgos (CEO and co-founder) has just returned from our Department of Trade

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Elemendar Monthly News Mail 5 – AI For CTI Sept / Oct 19

Sept / Oct 19 New Fund Pitch Deck / Pre-Seed Investment Round Closing Soon Giorgos is Coming to America! The DTDT Conference (the whatsthat?) New Partnership with CSIT (Queens University in Belfast) The Internet's Turning 50. Come celebrate with Here East and Plexal. Drinks and Canapes Were Great! New

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Elemendar Monthly News Mail 4 – CTI & Drinks invite 18th Sept!

Elemendar Monthly News Mail 4 - CTI & Drinks invite 18th Sept! August / Sept 19 - Freeing valuable people to do valuable work The eagle eyed among you may have noticed we didn’t send a newsletter in August. This is because so many of us have been holidaying or in

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The Majority of Organisations Are Impacted by Lack of Automation (Cyber Threat Intel)

The annual State of Threat Detection and Response Report from Fidelis Cybersecurity finds that 57% of organisations are heavily impacted by lack of automation, 53% by lack of visibility. Organisations rely on their incoming Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) to be aware of and mitigate threats. Elemendar’s AI ‘reads’ this

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Our News for July 2019: Four CTI Analysts And A Wedding!

After the acceleration and excitement of last month we are now firmly in gear and keeping the pedal own, with the occasional personal distraction. A wedding!! We met #theArmy Mitre ATT&CK news Syra Marshall (CTO) Diversity & Inclusion blog post Things we’ve enjoyed reading Our most important* news this

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Diversity creates better code and a better society for all of us. Introducing Codebar.

Over the past month I’ve been a little distracted from Elemendar’s cutting edge technical work by everything else that leading a business involves, so I’m going to talk just a little (it’s a big topic that I could talk about for days!) about something else that’s close to my

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