Elemendar News 26

The Elemendar team is saddened by the passing of Queen Elizabeth ll; our thoughts are with those who also mourn. Product Updates Full STIX 2.1 support - Recently we introduced STIX 2.1 capabilities into READ. going beyond elevation to support more ways of  defining objects and relationships between objects. This

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The Power Of The Pivot

“Pivoting” is an often overlooked but critical feature of the day-to-day work of a Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) analyst. Possibly the earliest reference to the concept is within a cornerstone work for CTI, “The Diamond Model of Intrusion Analysis”, with the idea elaborated in the graphic below: Fig 1: The

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How Sure Is Not Sure Enough?

Elemendar’s READ. platform uses proprietary Machine Learning (ML) technology to extract entities in STIX and MITRE ATT&CK formats from unstructured text (check out this blog for more details). In plain terms, we teach machines to replicate a very specific human task: mapping text strings to more abstract categories such as

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Latest Addition To READ.’s Functionality: Graph Editing View

Elemendar has recently rolled out a graph editing feature within the READ. platform which allows the user to edit entities within a source document through a graph-based visual representation of the document. We’re now excited to present this deep dive into Graph Editing! Previously, the only way to edit documents

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Elemendar News 25

We hope you are enjoying summer and staying safe wherever you may be. With in-person events reopening, the Elemendar team have been busy travelling and even met many of you these past couple of months. Here’s to that continuing!  Product Updates  Elemendar’s CTO Syra Marshall Speaks at Defence Disrupted Conference

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