AI in the Intelligence Cycle – A Role to Play in Collection? (Part 2)

Our first blog about the use of AI in the intelligence cycle covered the cycle’s first phase, direction. AI in collection, the next phase, is our focus of discussion today.  Of all the phases, collection is easily the most routine, mechanical, or even atomic. Unlike with the direction phase, collection

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Disinformation: Measuring The Bullsh*t-To-Truth Ratio

Disinformation works best when blended with a drop of truth. Consider the Philadelphia Experiment (BS) combined with degaussing technology research (truth). Or microchips in vaccines (BS) with the Tuskegee Syphilis Study (truth).  The recipe is clear: Just as a spoonful of sugar makes the microchip-laced medicine go down, if you

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The 2 Sides of AI – Which Should the CTI Analyst Choose?

AI has become nearly a household term. Its influence has seeped into multiple areas of our lives, promising direct benefits: significantly reducing errors in daily work, increasing accuracy and precision, and giving us freedom from repetitive tasks. Let’s take a look at how AI can play a supporting role in

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Generative AI And Cyber Defence: Making Good On Promises

For cyber defenders, generative AI holds a tantalising promise. Who wouldn’t relish the thought of a tool that can make intelligence workflows effortless and streamlined?  Take threat intelligence platforms (TIPs), which are currently essential for connecting the data, the analyst and the workflow they need to follow. But while powerful

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Attribution in Cyber Threat Intelligence: Whodunnit?

Ever read a classic crime novel? The villain’s identity only becomes clear after a couple of plot twists and turns. Attribution in Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) sometimes feels like that kind of detective work. For the cyber-threat analyst, gathering clues and assigning responsibility for cyber-attacks to specific individuals, threat groups

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AI and Disinformation – Partners in Crime or Mere Acquaintances?

Disinformation and artificial intelligence (AI) are two topics that are quickly becoming interlinked. The boss of the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ), Jeremy Fleming, recently commented that AI could lead to an ‘explosion’ in disinformation.  Another concerning observation came from the credible Gordon Crovitz, Co-chief executive of NewsGuard: an organisation

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Memetic Hazards – Fringe Science or Disinformation Super-Weapon?

There's is a lot of talk at the moment about the future of disinformation and what changes technology will bring. Artificial intelligence (AI) is dominating the conversation. But it’s not the only show in town, especially when we look to the future of disinformation.  Let’s take a look at the

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