MITRE ATT&CK: Useful or SOC Window Dressing?

No one can dispute that MITRE ATT&CK is now a cornerstone of modern Cyber Threat Intelligence. Many security programs have been built around the framework, including Elemendar’s flagship tool, READ. READ. uses machine learning to extract ATT&CK tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) from text documents.  But despite its lauded status,

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Elemendar News 28

The Elemendar Team hope you've had a fantastic start to the New Year! Have a read of our latest news and product updates below... Exciting Product Updates! We have continued to roll out some exciting new product changes within our flagship tool READ. with the most significant one being how tables are

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Analysing Disinformation: Defining The Capability Of A Threat

Disinformation is the new kid on the block of the threat and risk analysis community. Tricky to define and challenging to anticipate multiple frameworks are being developed to help analyse the disinformation capabilities of malicious actors. The Disarm framework offers a structure similar to the lauded MITRE ATT&CK framework. Charity

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Transparency and Confidence in AI-Assisted Cyber Security

As cyber security analysts, our job can be challenging. We often face a never-ending backlog of threat intelligence reports, which leaves little time for actual analysis. Manual processing of these reports is time-consuming and can be overwhelming, detracting from the value-adding aspects of our job. Elemendar's READ. platform offers a

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Cyber Threat Intel: Can Your SOC Afford To Lose It?

In the face of an economic downturn, if not outright recession, cyber-security budgets are being scrutinised right alongside everything else. Many CISOs question what’s being spent on Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI). They’re forgetting – or maybe ignoring – the absolute necessity of CTI within a security operations center (SOC) environment.

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Elemendar News 27

This autumn/fall, the Elemendar team have been sharing the summer advancements made in READ. far and wide, from our clients on three continents to events in Brussels and Singapore.  Elemendar in Top 20 European Scaleups!  Elemendar was shortlisted by EIT Digital as one the Top 20 European Scaleups! The EIT

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Where Does AI Driven CTI Fit Within “Shields Up?”

“Shields Up” is a current initiative that was launched by the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency's (CISA) earlier this year. With the aim to protect the US and organisations from cyber threats spilling over amid the Russian Federation’s invasion of Ukraine, despite some confused assessment, the Russia/Ukraine conflict has proved

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Elemendar News 26

The Elemendar team is saddened by the passing of Queen Elizabeth ll; our thoughts are with those who also mourn. Product Updates Full STIX 2.1 support - Recently we introduced STIX 2.1 capabilities into READ. going beyond elevation to support more ways of  defining objects and relationships between objects. This

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