The cost of the average mega-breach in 2021 is $4.24M, 10% higher than that of 2020. The average breach takes 287 days to identify and resolve. Our AI shortens this time, allowing you to tackle new threats faster than with Human defenders alone.

Our AI for CTI engine automates the reading and translation of Cyber Threat Intel from Human Authored, unstructured text into machine-readable and actionable data. Using STIX and incorporating MITRE ATT&CK™, this enables all your incoming CTI to be read, analysed and evaluated by any given Analyst. 


Are you a National or Cross-Border Security Organisation, Enterprise, Utility Provider, MSSP or CTI Vendor? CTI is the bedrock of all your Security – Can you afford for it to be your weakest point? 


How Our AI Protects You

Our SaaS READ. application is deployed between your incoming CTI feeds and your Analysts, SIEM and / or TIP. READ. is then able to study and analyse these human created, unstructured data sources (typically PDFs, Word docs and Web pages), extracting relevant threat information. 

This extracted threat information outputs in seconds to machine readable, actionable data (STIX 2.0) which can be injected into your SIEM or visualised in your TIP.

With Elemendar, all CTI documents received become usable and can instantly be read to flag highlighted threats. This significantly lowers your vulnerability window, saves time, costs and delivers a multiplier bonus by freeing up valuable people to work on more valuable things across your organisation.



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