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If you are a Cyber Threat Intelligence vendor, an MSSP or other integrator our AI-based CTI processing technologies could increase the value and functionality of your own solutions.

Elemendar’s partnership programme offers the opportunity to access tailored technology solutions for your organisation’s needs. These collaborations can be product specific or on a project basis.

Why Partner with Elemendar?

Elemendar has developed world leading technology which uses AI (Machine Learning) to read human authored cyber threat intelligence. READ.

Why READ. is relevant to cyber threat intelligence and associated organisations:

  1. Almost all significant Cyber threat Intelligence (CTI) is published in text formats such as PDFs and web pages. Cyber analysts spend much of their time extracting both the semantic meaning and technical details from this text based intelligence. Elemendar’s READ. technology automates much of this at speed and volume.
  2. Aside from the entity extraction elements of the technology, the truly sophisticated AI-based elements of our tool enables human analysts to accurately map written text to the MITRE ATT&CK framework at pace.
  3. READ. allows the analyst to focus on the semantic “so what?” of text-based CTI reports, while simultaneously extracting the syntax of the report for onward integration into Threat Intelligence Platforms.
  4. Combining this all together, READ. empowers humans to analyse and understand increased volumes of CTI or enable API-based automated CTI processing.

Elemendar’s READ. is a cyber threat technology platform with the ability to ingest, process and translate threat intelligence into machine actionable data. This can be fed directly into defensive systems, cutting the time needed to understand and react to new complex threats. Elemendar’s technology can also be used to analyse large volumes or historic corpora of threat intel, enabling insights to be learned and human analysis to be benchmarked.

As industry leaders, we value collaboration that can enhance the capabilities offered by the cyber security industry.

As industry leaders, we value collaboration that can enhance our cyber security and industry.

Current Partners 

Elemendar partner - Surevine
Elemendar partner BlockAPT
Elemendar partner EclecticIQ
Elemendar partner EclecticIQ

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