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The cost of the average mega-breach in 2020 was $50M. The average breach takes 280 days to identify and resolve. Our AI shortens this time, allowing you to tackle new threats faster than with human defenders alone.

“There are too many things happening – too much data, too many attackers, too much of an attack surface to defend – that without those automated capabilities that you get with artificial intelligence and machine learning, you don’t have a prayer of being able to defend yourself,” – Art Coviello, Jr, a partner at Rally Ventures and the former chairman of RSA.

Our AI for CTI engine automates the reading and translation of cyber threat intel from human authored unstructured text and documents into machine-readable and actionable data output as STIX 2.0 and incorporating MITRE ATT&CK™. This enables all of your incoming CTI to be analysed and immediately acted on so drastically reducing your window of vulnerability. This better protects you from threats and enables your analysts to spend more time doing more valuable things. 

If you are a national or cross-border security organisation, an enterprise (especially in financial services), a utility provider, MSSP or CTI Vendor we can empower you, your customers and your stakeholders. CTI is the pivot on which all of your security relies. Can you afford it to be the weak point?

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How our AI protects you

Our SaaS or on-premises AI is deployed between your incoming CTI feeds and your analysts, SIEM and / or TIP. It reads this human created, unstructured data (typically PDFs, Word docs and Web pages) and extracts threat information from them (e.g. indicators, threat actors and TTPs).

This extracted threat information is output in near real time as machine readable and actionable data (STIX 2.0) which can be injected into your SIEM or visualised in your TIP.

With Elemendar all of the CTI you receive now becomes usable and can instantly flag threats, whether you have human analysts or not. This significantly decreases risk, saves time and costs and delivers a multiplier bonus by freeing up valuable people to work on more valuable things across your organisation.

How our AI works at Elemendar

About Elemendar

Who we are

Founded in 2017 at the UK’s first GCHQ / NCSC Cyber Accelerator. Our mission: to free valuable people in cybersecurity to do valuable things using AI.

What we do

Elemendar translates text reports into STIX 2.0 outputs for Cyber Threat Analysts. Our AI makes analysts more efficient, instantly flagging threats.

Where we’re going

Reading CTI is just the beginning. Our technology is continuously evolving to match our ambition of enabling the most relevant and timely CTI for all.
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Cyber defenders can’t just secure everything and respond to attacks. They must be proactive.

Cyber Threat Intelligence tells defenders about new threats and how to defend against them.

of CTI is subscribed to each year, with market adoption set to triple by 2022 (Gartner).
of CTI is written in text. This means it requires a human analyst to read it.
analysts (on LinkedIn alone) required to understand and translate this data. The actual number is nearer to 100,000.


The Information Age has become the Too Much Information Age
Companies that fail to adapt to the flood of new data will drown.

The amount of available Cyber Threat intelligence is doubling every year.


More new vulnerabilities found last year than 2016. The amount of new vulnerabilities found has skyrocketed.


Open source intelligence indicators alone have grown 5x in 3 years: that’s ~68% CAGR.


of companies find a lack of CTI professionals to be a major roadblock


Annualised increase in demand for qualified analysts


The UK currently has a 30% vacancy rate (2019)

Delivery Options

Delivery options - API


Operated from Elemendar’s trusted platform for minimal integration cost


Delivery options - license


License to use an Elemendar server hosted in customer cloud or data centre


Delivery options - air-gapped


Use Elemendar’s server in offline mode for maximum private usage


Bespoke - Integrate Elemendar capabilities as deep into your technology stack as you need to


Integrate our capabilities as deep into your technology stack as you need to


Big Picture

Valuable People should be free to do Valuable Work

We don’t have enough people to do the job. Wasting CTI is dangerous. We need to let those precious few analysts to do their best work.

It’s time to make machines master cyber threat intelligence.

Reduce waste to increase protection.

Be efficient with your CTI

Be safe with Elemendar


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With Elemendar all of the CTI you subscribe to becomes usable and instantly flags threats, saving time and cost whether you have human analysts or not.

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