Faster Analysis. Fewer Resources.

READ. processes human-authored, unstructured Cyber Threat Intelligence and translates it into machine actionable data (STIX 2.1 & MITRE ATT&CK) to be deployed directly into defensive systems.

Read CTI Reports.

READ. instantly translates human-authored, unstructured Cyber Threat Intelligence reports into structured machine readable data.

Actionable Data.

This data is then ready to be reviewed by your Cyber Defencers and fed directly into your oganisation’s defensive systems.

The Facts.

  • READ. is up to 60x faster than human analysis.
  • Saves costs through faster threat analysis and remediation.
  • READ. analyses CTI at volume freeing Analysts to focus on more valuable work.

Who We Are.

Elemendar was founded in 2017 by Giorgos Georgopoloulos and Syra Marshall at the UK’s first GCHQ / NCSC Cyber Accelerator. We are now a team of around 20 and growing!

Elemendar co-founder Giorgos Georgopoloulos

Giorgos Georgopoloulos

Elemendar co-founder Syra Marshall

Syra Marshall



What We Value.

Our mission is to automate the processing of cyber threat intelligence to better defend organisations against cyber threats and to improve the lives of cyber defenders.

We work with world-class industry collaborators including governments, enterprise, defence organisations and the Laboratory for Analytic Sciences (LAS).

Where We Are Going.

Elemendar makes using unstructured CTI easy.


Remember - Networks are built by correlating across source docs

C.T.I. read and translated into standard forms that can be used to structure unstructured data (e.g. STIX2.x, MITRE ATT&CK)


Relationships are understood between multiple data points. Network analysis to find patterns

Relationships understood between multiple data points: network analysis to find patterns.


2021 Orchestrate - The patterns are used to share enriched context with other tools both ways.

Patterns used to share enriched context with other tools: iterative machine-led action on C.T.I.

Delivery Options.

Elemendar offer a number of delivery options for our customers that range from SAAS/API, On premise and bespoke tailored solutions. Please contact our team for more information.