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Renee Griffiths is Digital Marketing Manager at Elemendar. With a background of commercial property, Renee has experience in building and maintaining business relationships alongside the importance of brand values and online presence. Renee manages Elemendar's social media platforms and content creation.

Software Engineering within Cyber Security & Usable AI.

The TEAM - Webtalk Series Ep. 6 In this video, Renee Griffiths  interviews Software Engineer Mapopo Evans. Mapopo has been heavily instrumental within leading the Software Engineering team alongside CTO Syra Marshall. During this episode Mapopo explains the exciting moments of being an engineer and the realistic worklife balance. He

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OMG It’s already Autumn!

In this September Elemendar news we have: READ. Launch and updates CTI Doesn’t Exist In a Vacuum Webtalks videos with: Non-Exec Director of Elemendar, Jon Geater Ben Strickson (Elemendar Machine Learning Engineer) Cyber Safe Foundation, Africa- Teaching Girls Cybersec!   READ. Launch and Product Updates for September 21 Our August

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The Inevitable Future of AI

The TEAM - Webtalk Series Ep.4 “We need to stop thinking about security as some ‘magic thing’ or ‘luxury thought experiment’ for big companies.” - Jon Geater explains in our most recent webtalk episode. Often Cyber Security is presented as a problem for some rather than all, however this could

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CTI Doesn’t Exist in a Vacuum

The Importance of CTI Service Architecture  We came across this excellent scientific paper “A service architecture for an enhanced Cyber Threat Intelligence capability” written by Giuseppe Amato, Simone Ciccarone, Pasquale Digregorio and Giuseppe Natalucci at the Bank of Italy, Directorate General for Information Technology. The paper discusses the cyber threat

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